I rly miss Evita

So I made the demo for the rough first 3/4 of the Spring Awakening arrangement (warning it’s a capella)

send me thine opinions

Elena— I had this weird itch in my throat while I was recording but other than that this is basically what you’re singing (but hopefully better that me)

This is both parts but yours is upped so it sounds like the melody and you can pick it out


For Elena <3

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For Steven <33

Jake this is yours this is probably really similar to what I told you to do originally but if you don’t know this on saturday you’re fired

I kind of arranged the music for Gold or I tried to and screencapped it since I can&#8217;t print it out I hope someone&#8217;s proud of me

I kind of arranged the music for Gold or I tried to and screencapped it since I can’t print it out I hope someone’s proud of me

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So Elena this is yours

I think your recording tempo-wise is a little bit more accurate since it’s more difficult to rush things for songs that are actually for piano. To make up for it though, I kind of sound disgusting!!!11!

I’m really sorry I feel awful but I had like Carrie rehearsal today and I was sick last week and I’m sick this week but had to sing or I think Anthony (the hhyt musical director) might have been severely disappointed with me

so yeah it could have sounded better but at lEAST IT’S ACCURATE I love you okay

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Jake this is your part (aka the lowest one except it’s really not that low so your welcome for that i guess??)

sO I’m really sorry about how some of this turned out because I sang at least one line an octave higher than you sing it (you’ll probably be able to figure out which one it’s somewhere in Falling Slowly) 

and I didn’t count out the piano for When Your Mind’s Made Up so I kind of rushed it but like THOSE ARE THE HARMONIES YOU SING if you need the actual tempo just listen to the cast recording

(if making vocal tracks for you is super cute then I must be adorable recording this took an hour and a half xoxo)

Plays: 9

Gold, a capella.

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